General John Sevier

My 5th great-grandfather was General John Sevier. John Sevier was the first Governor of Tennessee, taking office in 1796 and serving 6 two year terms. Prior to his election as Governor, Sevier fought in the Revolutionary War as a North Carolina militia commander as well as more than 30 Indian battles. On October 7, 1780, then Colonel Sevier helped lead an army of Patriots in the defeat of British Major Patrick Ferguson and a detachment of Loyalists at King’s Mountain (South Carolina). “The Battle of King’s Mountain” is considered by many historians as the turning point of the American Revolution. Thomas Jefferson later recalled that battle as “the joyful annunciation of that turn of the tide of success which terminated the Revolutionary War.” In 1790, Sevier was also elected as a representative to North Carolina in the First U.S. Congress.